Diversity in Partou nurseries

June 12th, 2022

Throughout June, Partou nurseries celebrate Pride Month by teaching children about the different types of families and the importance of having kindness and respect for all.

Forming just part of our wider commitment, the activities we undertake symbolise the values of inclusion, diversity and respect that are embedded throughout Partou.

Inspired by Loris Malaguzzi’s philosophy, we believe that the environments that children are exposed to play a crucial role in teaching children. Therefore, by threading cultural diversity into our environments all year round, we create a richer, more inclusive learning experience.

Culturally rich nursery resources

When incorporating resources into our nursery rooms, we aim to ensure that they reflect the cultures of our team, children and their families. To do this, we encourage families to donate cultural items, extending our diversity to the broader community.

If a nursery has children from a Chinese heritage, we aim to avoid celebrating this solely at the time of Chinese New Year. Instead, we offer a wide range of educational resources on Chinese heritage all year round.

Fostering an inclusive environment

The continuous integration of cultural elements fosters an inclusive environment where children learn to appreciate and celebrate diversity. 

By embedding cultural awareness into our daily curriculum, we ensure children develop a deep, respectful understanding of different cultures, enhancing their sense of belonging and community.

Case Study: Diverse Environments at Silchester Manor

At Silchester Manor, the home corner features recipe books and cooking tools from various cultures, along with traditional clothing like hijabs and sarees. 

The construction area includes architectural blocks inspired by Asian shrines and temples. 

In the small world area, children can play with figurines from different cultures and animals from around the world.

A collage of Diverse Elements at Silchester Manor Nursery

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