Creating a shared vision within Partou

April 25th, 2024

Samantha Rhodes has led Partou in the UK since the merger of the Just Childcare and All About Children groups in 2023, having previously served as CEO of Just Childcare.

Read her thoughts on the importance of the group’s new shared vision.

Inspired by the success of Partou in the Netherlands, Samantha was compelled to bring the same vision to the UK: the belief that children shape the world of tomorrow. Her experience in steering large-scale change management initiatives, coupled with her hands-on leadership approach, has reaped widespread respect, trust, and a reputation for motivating teams to achieve remarkable outcomes.

“Witnessing our committed nursery teams ignite children’s curiosity and nurture their adventurous spirit is truly inspiring. Through play, children absorb knowledge daily, empowering them to explore the world with openness and confidence.

“By aligning with Partou in the Netherlands, we are able to harness their expertise, insights, and scientific research to further enhance children’s development and serve as an integral part of their early years journey here in the UK.”

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