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Partou partners with NPELC to champion high-quality childcare

We are proud to announce that Partou have joined forces with nine of the nation’s leading childcare providers to improve the quality and sustainability of the early years sector across England.

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Benefits of music in early childhood education

Music helps children to develop their social, physical and communication skills. Discover more about the benefits of music in early childhood education.

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The latest on childcare funding

We understand that covering the cost of childcare isn’t always easy, but the good news is that there a number of government initiatives that can help support families during their time at Partou. And from April 2024, that support just got better!

No matter which stage you’re at in your chil…

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Creating a shared vision within Partou

Samantha Rhodes has led Partou in the UK since the merger of the Just Childcare and All About Children groups in 2023, having previously served as CEO of Just Childcare.

Read her thoughts on the importance of the group’s new shared vision.

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Personal, social and emotional development

Why PSED is so important in early years?

Some of the most fundamental skills in life are the things we learn early on. Understanding and managing emotions, building positive relationships and developing a sense of self-awareness are among them, and these are all examples of personal, social…

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Top tips: How to write a CV for childcare

So you’re looking for a new career in childcare? There are lots of nursery jobs out there to apply for – but there are also lots of applicants, too.

This means it’s really important to make your CV stand out, showing childcare employers that you’re a great candidate who’s worth shor…

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What is an Early Years Practitioner?

Interested in becoming an Early Years Practitioner at Partou?

Find out what the role involves, how to qualify, and more in this blog!

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Supporting your child settling into nursery: A guide for parents

Starting nursery is an exciting milestone for both children and their parents. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in a child’s life, providing them with opportunities to learn, socialise, and grow. Although this is an exciting time, the transition from home to nursery can be challenging for…

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Outdoor sensory activities for preschoolers

Being outdoors is essential for young children’s development. It’s a rich environment full of stimulating experiences for all five senses, from fragrant flowers to the sound of birdsong, to the rich and varied textures of different plants.

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