Supporting your child’s transition to school

We recognise that starting “big school” can be a worrying time for both you and your child and talking about it certainly helps.

Your child’s key person is always on hand to discuss the transition with you, to guide and support and to help make it as smooth as possible….

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Getting ‘big school’ ready with Partou

At Partou, we know that starting school is a key milestone for children and their family.

There is the element of the unknown as well as the change in routine, environment, and new people to make relationships with and build attachments to. This includes the adults too!

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Is a Nursery Apprenticeship the Right Choice for You?

Working in a nursery means that you get the opportunity to truly help shape and make a difference in the lives of little people.

There are several different routes you can follow if you’re looking at starting a career in childcare. You might start as a nursery or playgroup assistant, an …

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How to promote sensory development in babies

As adults, we may take our sense of smell or sight for granted, but during the first year of life a baby’s senses have a lot of developing to do.

Promoting sensory development is beneficial during your baby’s first year to help them adapt to the world, as well as supporting both mental…

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How sensory play helps development

Sensory play is encouraged from birth and all through the early years to support a child’s sensory development. Don’t worry if it’s something you’ve never tried, it’s never too late to introduce sensory play activities.

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Communication and language activities for early years

Research suggests that the most important stages of a child’s development is from birth up to 3 years old. Every interaction your little one has in their early years, whether that be in nursery or at home, is teaching them more and more about how to communicate with the world around them.

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Benefits of music in early childhood education

Music helps children to develop their social, physical and communication skills. Discover more about the benefits of music in early childhood education.

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A beginner’s guide to weaning

At around six months, your baby will be ready for their first taste of solid food. Most parents have lots of questions about this important milestone, so our weaning guide for beginners provides you with useful tips and advice to help you get started on your baby’s weaning journey.

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Why nursery rhymes are good for babies

Nursery rhymes are part and parcel of a young child’s life. And as well as being a lovely way to interact with your baby or toddler, they can actually play a big part in supporting their development! Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of nursery rhymes, how we use them at our nursery, a…

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