What childcare funding options are available to you?

Making high quality childcare more accessible

At Partou, we believe that everybody should be able to access high-quality childcare. That’s why we work hard to ensure that our families receive the support they need when it comes to paying their fees.

Below, you’ll find key information on the government support you are entitled to during your time with us as well as links to articles that explain how they help to cover costs whilst answering questions regarding eligibility criteria.

‘Funded’ Childcare: Claim up to 30 hours of funding per week

Since 2010, the Department for Education has provided ‘funded’ childcare to eligible families throughout England.

Recognising the growing financial impact, it was recently announced that they will be increasing investment to enable more families than ever to access ‘funded’ childcare support.

By September 2025, it is expected that most working families with children under the age of five will be entitled to 30 hours of ‘funded’ childcare support.

Key dates and eligibility criteria

Tax-Free Childcare: Save 20% on the fees you pay

Families at Partou can also make use of the government’s tax-free childcare scheme.

Available to most working families, the initiative allows you to pay fees directly through an online childcare account. For every £8 paid through the account, the government contribute a further £2 – saving you 20% of your total costs – up to a maximum of £500 every three months.

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We’re here to help

Whether you’re considering a nursery place for the first time or trying to understand your eligibility at a different stage of your child’s journey, Partou are able to provide the funding support you need.

If you’re already enrolled at one of our nurseries, we advise speaking to your nursery manager as first point of call. You can find their contact details on your local nursery page.

If you’re new to Partou, then our Family Care Team are the go-to support line. Simply send us an email by clicking here, and one of our advisors will be in touch to answer any questions and help you discover more about the options available to you.

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