The Partou experience

How children discover the world through our care

Every Partou nursery has its own setting, in its own location, within its own community. But visit any one of them, anywhere in the UK, and you’ll find the same set of shared values.

At Partou, the children are the leaders. As they discover the world together in our fun, safe, trusted environments, they’re showing us what the future looks like.

Our nurseries are safe, joyful places that inspire children to explore, discover and grow, learning how to make choices for themselves.

Learning is planned around each individual child

When you chose a Partou nursery for your child, their journey of exploration, discovery and learning will be built around their specific needs. Team members will get to know your child and ask:

  • What do we know about this child – their family, their background, their needs?
  • Where are they in their development, and what might their next steps be?
  • What do they enjoy and how do they like to do things?

Our environments inspire children

In every Partou nursery, team members work hard to create an environment that inspires children. You’ll see lots of different areas set up, and exciting activities that make children want to join in, so your child can choose the ones they find most interesting.

Team members will then help them to explore, discover and understand more about themselves and their world, by playing with the things that interest them most.

Books are everywhere

Books are the main way children seek information. Screens play an important role in our modern lives, but it’s through books that children develop their imagination. So books aren’t just one activity within your child’s nursery – they play a part in every activity.

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