Playtime Day Nursery & Pre-School, Shepperton

Easy to reach from both Shepperton Town Centre and Shepperton Railway Station, Partou Playtime Day Nursery & Pre-School is highly attractive to parents living and working in the local area.

Our excellent setting is filled with fun, educational resources that stimulate children’s creativity and encourage their natural development. A standout feature is our huge soft play area which is loved by children and used to develop key physical skills.


Large, bright and airy playrooms offering the perfect environment for children to learn and have fun

Huge soft play area with three levels of challenging, fun obstacles which support the development of physical skills

Healthy and delicious meals from our seasonal menu, freshly prepared at the nursery

Enclosed garden area, equipped with climbing frames, mud kitchens, sensory gardens and more to explore

An exciting curriculum that reflects the individual needs and interest of every child

Funded childcare places available

The Partou experience

At Partou, the children lead the way. They explore their surroundings and learn about the world they live in, by choosing for themselves which activity they want to join in with next.

Our team are there to care for them and keep them safe. To nurture their emerging abilities and encourage them to seize each fun-packed day. But not to tell them what to do next.

Why? Because when children are allowed to choose their own activities, rather than being told what to do, they naturally choose the activities they’re most interested in. And scientific research has shown that being interested in what they’re doing is the easiest and best way for children to learn.

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Food & nutrition

Creating healthy eating habits for young children stretches far beyond their time with us. It encourages a lifelong positive relationship with food whilst building healthy bodies and healthy minds. Here’s how we encourage healthy eating habits:

  • Rotating menus: Evidence shows regular exposure to foods helps children to develop their taste for them, yet we still want to offer variety. So, we rotate our menus on a three-to-four-week basis, offering the perfect balance between exposing children to new foods yet allowing them to become familiar with flavours.
  • A lunchtime focus: We prioritise lunch as a time where children can enjoy their food. There is a social aspect to all lunches and, where possible, children are encouraged to take an active interest in the food they eat.
  • Fresh food everyday: We serve children fresh food every day and accommodate many different dietary requirements. We have procedures in place to protect children with food allergies and offer different meal options too. If your child has a dietary requirement, simply let us know as part of our registration process and we’ll make sure we meet the needs of your child.

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Nursery fees

Age Full Time
Weekly Rate
8:00am – 6:00pm
8:00am – 1:00pm
1:00pm – 6:00pm
0 to 2 £458.75 £97.25 £58.98 £50.90
2 to 3 £424.50 £91.45 £55.75 £47.15
3+ £400.00 £87.25 £52.05 £46.05


Registration Fee: £75 (Non Refundable)
10% discount off eldest child’s fees for siblings

Additional Options: Early Start: £8.90 (from 7:30am)

  • Universal 15 hours free childcare entitlement is available to all 3 and 4 year olds, extending to 30 hours for eligible working families*.
  • 15 hour free childcare entitlement is also available to 2-year-olds subject to availability.

For the latest childcare funding information, please visit our dedicated resource page.

* Please note that free childcare entitlement from the government is only applied to the ‘care’ element of your invoice and does not cover meals which are charged at £14.50 per morning session and £11.40 per afternoon session.

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Day Nursery
& Pre-school

01932 246747

Open Mon - Fri, 7.30am to 6.00pm

Shepperton Playtime Nursery, Govett Avenue, Shepperton, TW17 8AG

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What families say?

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5 stars


4 stars


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Emma B

5 stars

13 November 2016

My Godchild attends Playtime Nursery - Shepperton. He thoroughly enjoys his days there. He can't wait to tell us what he has been up to. He has lots of friends and has made excellent progress this term. He now eats a variety of food which in the past has been an issue. Watching other children eat a v...

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Claire G

5 stars

18 February 2016

My godchild has a fantastic time here, she learns all her key stage requirements, food cooked fresh on site and the staff are great. Management are always on hand to assist with any queries. Even the new uniform is lovely!


5 stars

19 February 2019

This nursery have brought my granddaughter into her own. We collect her and she is always happy and the staff are awesome. When she moves up each time a member of staff takes us to the next level and introduces us to who is running that level. We feel that she is in a very positive and safe place wh...

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Jeff W

5 stars

26 February 2018

My granddaughter has really progressed in all areas of her development recently. She is now walking and saying a lot more. My granddaughter always looks so happy when I pick her up from nursery. She seems to have really settled into Mini Tots and gets along with everyone.

James H

5 stars

29 February 2016

My grandchild as been going to the nursery since December 2014. I have always found the staff very helpful and friendly. My grandchild is very happy there. Overall it is a excellent nursery run by professional staff.

Vittoria F

5 stars

02 March 2024

The indoor and outdoor facilities are excellent. Mealtimes are varied and healthy. All staff are exceptionally caring and our daughter has loved it there. I would definitely recommend Playtime Nursery - Shepperton as the best nursery in the area!

Kimberley D

5 stars

16 February 2024

My son (now 4 years old ) has been attending Playtime Nursery since he was 1. He absolutely loves going to preschool. He can’t wait to see his friends and key workers. He's always so excited to show me what he’s learnt from preschool. Highest quality of care from management and key workers.


4 stars

15 February 2024

Our child continues to develop brilliantly whilst at Playtime Nursery, always happy to go and happy when we pick him up and talks about it when he’s not there. Very happy with Playtime (Shepperton) and looking forward to watching him develop further.

Claire C

4 stars

07 March 2023

My daughter has always been so happy at Playtime, she is well loved and looked after by the staff there. She’s made lots of friends and is always excited to go to nursery. Playtime is open during school holidays and very close to the train station which really helps balancing family and work life.


5 stars

07 March 2023

My little boy has been with the nursery since October. He is our first child and therefore I was extremely nervous about the whole experience but the management and staff made me and my husband feel so at ease. They gave us settling in sessions so that my little boy was able to get used to it to star...

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Stephanie E

5 stars

07 March 2023

My little one joined 2 months ago at 6 months old. Right from our initial tour I was filled with confidence that she would be well taken care of here. Staff are so friendly. I am updated about everything. Management team go above and beyond!


5 stars

07 March 2023

I cannot recommend Playtime Nursery Shepperton enough as a nursery or preschool to send your little ones to. Our journey as a family has not been an easy one with finding out that our Son was profoundly deaf whilst he was just 6 months in attendance. To say the nursery have been supportive is an unde...

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Bhavna J

4 stars

07 March 2023

The nursery has been amazing and wonderful in supporting my son in settling in. the team are very hands-on and brilliant. They have always kept me up to date with anything happening at the nursery and I feel at ease dropping my son off.


5 stars

27 February 2023

My son loves going to Playtime Nursery. All the staff are very friendly, you can chat to them and they always make time. I love seeing what my son gets up to on the app. My son has come on loads and I love it when he shows what he has learnt at home.


5 stars

14 January 2023

The new manager and her team are amazing. The interaction between the parents and the nursery team is amazing. We are informed about everything via email and get instant replies to any requests. They are always helpful and friendly. Our daughter is attending only 2 days a week so can't have any high ...

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Why Partou?

For us at Partou, childcare isn’t just a job, it’s a journey – one where every child leads us in a unique new direction.

As part of the Netherlands’ largest childcare group, we’ve access to world-leading expertise in learning and development, so you can be confident your child will benefit from an experience as unique as they are.

Of course, care is as much about empathy as education, and ours is a child-led approach that emphasises building confidence and curiosity – so that every child in our care has the freedom to flourish.

Reassurance for you and your little one


We’re more than just a team; we’re a close community driven by our passion for childcare, and our commitment to each individual child’s development. We know that by working together, we’re stronger.


In our community, compassion isn’t just a word; it’s our way of life. By embracing our differences, we make our community more diverse and vibrant. We build strong, supportive relationships with the children and each other, based on trust and understanding.

Continuous learning

We believe strongly in development, for the children in our care and for ourselves. Through continuous learning, we help our team and our children reach their full potential. Together, we make a positive impact, in our communities and across wider society.

Knowledge hub

Benefits of music in early childhood education

Music helps children to develop their social, physical and communication skills. Discover more about the benefits of music in early childhood education.

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Personal, social and emotional development

Why PSED is so important in early years?

Some of the most fundamental skills in life are the things we learn early on. Understanding and managing emotions, building positive relationships and developing a sense of self-awareness are among them, and these are all examples of personal, social...

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What is an Early Years Practitioner?

Interested in becoming an Early Years Practitioner at Partou?

Find out what the role involves, how to qualify, and more in this blog!

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